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Posted by Written by Kaitlyn Lowes, Pulsar Spokesperson on 18th Aug 2018

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Written by Kaitlyn Lowes, Pulsar Spokesperson

Want to hunt over 115,000 acres in the North Texas/Oklahoma area? Dry Creek Outfitters has you covered. From waterfowl to turkey, dove and hogs, there is an opportunity waiting for you to enjoy. I can say first hand my recent hog hunt with DCO is one I’ll never forget!

Kaitlyn Lowes and Todd Huey post with a bunch of wild boar

We stacked 60 hogs that night! Photo by Lee Mcollum

Learning From the Legend

Todd Huey, “aka” Lone Star Boars and Huey Outdoors, has stacked over 5,000 plus wild hogs. He certainly has mastered the art of hog hunting with top of the line equipment, natural instinct, sharp shooting skills and by studying the ever-changing pattern wild hogs provide. Thanks to Todd Huey I have developed a passion for hog hunting down to even the slightest detail. This guy is legit!

LWRCI Six8-A5 Razorback

The LWRCI Six8-A5 Razorback was built for hog hunting.

Not only does the 6.8 SPCIII LWRCI SIX 8-A5 II Razorback have a nice ring to it, it serves me well during my hog hunting adventures. Weighing in at only 6.5 lbs., it is easy to carry and offers more impact energy than the 5.56 NATO. The sleek spiral fluted barrel and the bronzed color is a constant conversation starter. With a fully ambidextrous lower receiver, it makes for a good time when other people see my Razorback and want to shoot it at the range.

Why I Choose Pulsar

We had a great team and great equipment.

From the moment I hunted with a thermal optic, I knew it was the start of a lifelong passion. It was unlike anything I had ever been exposed to in the outdoor world and I genuinely enjoy the pursuit of the sport. Whether it is for conservation acts, predator control or harvesting game for food, Pulsar products give me the opportunity to fine tune my night hunting abilities. The Trail XP 50 has been my most go-to scope as it has a 640X480 core, 1,800-meter heat detection range, built-in WiFi and video and sound recording. The Stream Vision app pairs this scope directly with a smartphone, tablet or computer. It allows for real time viewing, additional remote control, file management and also has the capability to transmit content to video platforms. I have not been the slightest bit disappointed with the line of Pulsar products and love the bang for the buck!

Having a thermal optic to track your target is half the battle. During my recent hog hunt at Dry Creek Outfitters with Todd Huey of Lone Star Boars and Huey Outdoors, we had a successful team effort stacking over 60 hogs. Having thermal optics to locate these wild hogs plays a huge part in the success of the hunt, while the other part comes with experience.

An animal’s shape, movement, sound and smell are all part of identifying your target. Once we determined wild hogs were in the area, we all agreed on a game plan. A few of the most important factors include to stay downwind, not rush the approach and be aware of other shooters at all times. Safety is my number one concern around any firearms and especially during nighttime hours.

Mastering the art of hog hunting with Todd Huey. Photo by Rustin Morgan

Hogs can be found in multiples or singles. I have even seen groups of over 50. Once the designated first shooter unloads from a countdown, the hogs scatter quickly, making it challenging and rewarding to take them down on the run. There is nothing like taking down a group of hogs with people who share the same thrill using Pulsar thermal optics to get the job done. Todd Huey and Dry Creek Outfitters are professional, organized and made my hunt memorable. I hope to share my passion for thermal and night vision with more men and women who love the outdoors.

About Kaitlyn
Kaitlyn is a full-time dental hygienist and when she is not educating patients about oral health, you will find her riding her horse or spending time at the ranch fishing, hunting or perfecting her shooting skills. She followed in her brother Justin’s footsteps hunting as a young girl and eventually filled a dream by becoming an international hunter. She is a member of the Texas Hog Hunters Association, a committee member in the Fort Worth Stewards of the Wild Program and the Dallas Safari Club. Kaitlyn has become a face of Sightmark and Pulsar and has spent over half of her life enjoying the outdoors. Instagram: @kaitlynlowes

What is a memorable hunt you have been on? Share it with me in the comment section.

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